Accommodation Category: Deluxe Rooms

from 48,000 per night

Deluxe Room

Overvalue for your money

Combining affordability with class, these beautiful rooms boast of all basic amenities a guest may expect to have in a modern day, city hotel. Seated mostly on the first floor, the rooms are easily accessible and the room ambience, just like you find anywhere in Parkview Astoria Hotel, is world class.
The rooms in addition to all the general features found in every of our rooms are fitted with beautiful curtains blended with the room’s background colour in a fashionistic manner. You’d be amazed at our interior deco!

from 58,000 per night

Luxury Deluxe Room

‘Cozy and Comfy’ exemplified

Exuding opulence, comfortability and elegance, our luxury rooms are tastefully furnished and equipped with encrypted electronic door lock to guarantee your safety. Decorated with a beautiful blend of art work, foot rugs and floor tiles that will surely propel artificial hunger for channeling your inner photographer.

Set your ambience with fitted color selection light switch and carefully selected window blinds, offering you a choice of day or night mode at any time. With beautiful and spacious wardrobe fitted with an in-built library filled with inspiring books. And finally end your day with a warm bath in the electronic mirror fitted.

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