Reminisce over the last time you attended a meeting, a business conference, or stayed at a hotel. You probably wished you could grab a drink in that crowded banquet room or that you didn’t have to get out of the pool and walk all the way back to the hotel bar for your next refreshment at some point. 


Most hotels allow clients to purchase refreshments in their rooms, but often fall short when it comes to providing drink service in public areas.


Hotel bars are a popular choice for business meetings, especially when traveling or hosting out-of-town clients. 


People often believe an affordable hotel with a full-service bar is hard to find. The quality of Parkview Astoria Hotel defies this stereotype by providing a complete bar and a restaurant menu on-site without raising costs. 


Finding a hotel with a full-service bar and restaurant, whether you’re coming for business or pleasure, might mean the difference between tolerating and enjoying your hotel stay. 



  • Especially useful for business travelers:


Corporate tours are exhausting and stressful. They sometimes get too busy with events that they do not have time to eat. This is where bars and restaurants are particularly useful in this situation. Customers who stay at our hotel which provides these services eat and drink without having to wander around and waste time on useless activities 


If you seeking a relaxing place to stay with a bar and bistro? Contact us at Parkview Astoria Hotel to reserve a comfortable room for you and your family. Our accommodation is in excellent shape and includes all necessary amenities. Call us to reserve a room. 


  • Convenience 


The ease of having a full-time bar and restaurant at your hotel is the main advantage. You’re probably in a new region and you’re unfamiliar with the local businesses and roads. It’s inconvenient to have to go to get delicious cuisine and a lovely cocktail before returning to your accommodation. Having a bar and restaurant right where you’re staying removes one worry off- your plate. 


  • Families with elderly and children will benefit from this:


The biggest headache arises when everyone needs to eat and drink together on a family vacation. Because this is very difficult and tiring for old people and newborns. But since our bar and restaurant service is in full functionality no one has to go out in search of food. 


  • Safety 


Everyone wants to be able to have a drink or two with co-workers and friends while staying within a two-drink limit. However, there are times when you just want to let loose, and having a full-service bar in your hotel allows you to do so without worrying about getting home safely. It also keeps you out of strange neighborhoods late at night. Both of these features ensure that your vacation is safe!

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