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Parkview Astoria Luxury Deluxe Room

Luxury Deluxe

At Parkview Astoria, Our luxury deluxe is seated mostly on the first floor, the rooms are easily accessible and the room ambience is astonishing. Price: […]

  • View: swimming pool

Prices start at: 60,000 per night

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Parkview Astoria Twin Bedroom

Twin Bedroom

Twin Bedroom Parkview Astoria / Twin Bedroom Beds / 2 Occupancy / 2 adults, 2 child Parkview Astoria Twin bedroom features a living area and […]

Prices start at: 75,000 per night

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Parkview Astoria Diplomatic Room

Diplomatic Room

Our newly-redesigned diplomatic suites are spacious, comfortable and come with the very latest in modern luxury features and amenities. Price: 120,000 Per Night Required fields […]

Prices start at: 120,000 per night

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Parkview Astoria Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room Your luxury journey starts here The Deluxe Room at Parkview Hotel is bright and has easy access to the pool, gym, and spa. […]

  • Size: 26m²

Prices start at: 50,000 per night

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Parkview Astoria Executive Room

Executive Room

Executive Suites This suite includes a king-sized sofa bed, executive writing desk and dressing area. Our stunning, well-furnished bathrooms include a separate over-sized. Price: 100,000 […]

Prices start at: 100,000 per night

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Parkview Astoria Supreme Room

Supreme Room

Supreme Room Our Supreme rooms are Supreme Indeed, Convenience made Affordable Exclusively furnished with a French country appeal. Price: 40,000 Per Night Required fields are […]

Prices start at: 40,000 per night

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