Most individuals enjoy traveling-whether for pleasure, to visit relatives or friends, or for business. Traveling shouldn’t be boring or stressful. A luxury meeting room is all you need. 


Accommodations, luggage, transportation, time management, and recreational activity should all be planned ahead of time to make this time away from home more enjoyable. 


To achieve these, start by carefully selecting a hotel with a business meeting room, like Parkview Astoria Hotel. Our business meeting room includes all the necessary working conveniences as well as various leisure and comfort features to make your business meeting easier and more successful.


We provide solid bandwidth internet connectivity and potentially WIFI access. With 24/7 electricity and plug-in power strips, with good lighting, couple with a workstation, and our comfy chairs which don’t make an annoying squeaky noise, or faulty projector.


Inconveniences like these ruin meetings, no positive result will be made since those inconveniences will make everyone irritated and can’t wait to leave, no one wants to experience that. 


Our meeting rooms can assist you in closing key commercial deals, because-


1. We are equipped with a spacious and fully equipped meeting hall 

When planning an event, seminar, or other programs, you’ll need plenty of space, everyone in the audience must find a seat with appropriate legroom.


You will only inconvenience your guests if you rent a small meeting site. And it’s safe to assume that the next event you host will have a low turnout. 


The conference room of Parkview Astoria Hotel has the capacity to accommodate different crowds, whether you’re planning a small meeting or a large gathering, our conference rooms can accommodate you


Our air-conditioned meeting is fully built-in with all the audio/visual capabilities, making it ideal for conferences, general meetings (AGMs), big gatherings, birthday celebrations, retreats, and team bonding. This 100+capacity facility is ideal for everything from fly-in meetings to seminars and training sessions.


2. Appetizing refreshments 

You don’t want to send your guest home hungry after a long day of conversing. Offering refreshments demonstrates thoughtfulness and will be a memorable experience.


Give your guests the best supper they’ve had in a long time to earn their loyalty. 


Are you planning a conference in Ikoyi? Come and stay at Parkview Astoria Hotel. We supply all of the required equipment to make your event a success. Now is the time to reserve your slot. 


3. Wholesome Comfort

Our conference spaces are designed to make everyone feel comfortable. Everyone will be comfortable thanks to the pleasant air conditioning and comfortable chairs.


Because you want your guest to focus on you, minimizing discomfort is essential. And not because of the noisy sounds their chairs create or the temperature of the room.


Parkview Astoria Hotel’s luxury meeting rooms are equipped with all of the required amenities. But that’s not all, the venues also have a designated bar and bathroom facilities.


As a result, when you throw an event at our venue, your visitors will be hesitant to leave. 

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